Wednesday, September 16, 2015

10 October (Sat) morning: Free guided walk at Chek Jawa Boardwalk

Hello! We are happy to announce that the free nature outing to Chek Jawa Boardwalk on October 10, Saturday, is now open for registration. Come and join the Naked Hermit Crabs to check out the wildlife residing in the mangroves and coastal area of Chek Jawa. The nature walk is a leisurely stroll conducted on the boardwalk, and there is no need to get your shoes wet. Let the volunteer guides show you the amazing biodiversity that is in our own 'backyard'.

Click here for the online registration form.

Date: 10 October (Saturday)
Meeting time: 9:30 am
Meeting place: Chek Jawa Information Kiosk, Pulau Ubin
Duration of walk: Around 2 hours
Cost: Free (donations are accepted)

Click on this post to get more information about getting to Chek Jawa, what to bring, what to prepare for the outing.

More photos below to give you an idea what you will experience during one of our walks. You may also read our blog posts of past walks.

At the coastal boardwalk
Fiddler crabs are commonly seen near the outer mangroves
Eagles flying over Chek Jawa
Jelly fishes in the sea next to the boardwalk
A climb to the top of Jejawi Tower
Cotton-stainer bugs
Drawings done by our visitors

Friday, September 11, 2015

Cancelled - Chek Jawa Boardwalk nature trip on 12 Sep, 2015

For those who signed up with us for the Chek Jawa Boardwalk tomorrow (12 Sep), an email has gone out to inform you that the walk is cancelled. Please read the email if you wish to contact us directly. A mobile number is given in the email.

"Dear participants,

It is with regret that we are announcing our nature trip to Chek Jawa tomorrow morning is cancelled due the continuing haze situation.

While the haze may not affect most healthy adults, we do not wish to see young children exposed to the smoke haze in an outdoor setting. Several parents have written in to say that their families are beginning to feel unwell, most likely due to the smoke haze.

In any case, at least 2 of us (volunteers) will make their way to Chek Jawa to meet and greet any group that may have missed this email. If you intend to be there regardless of the weather, please look out for us".

photo of Ubin shrouded in haze in 2013

Saturday, September 5, 2015

School's out! with the Naked Hermit Crabs

Despite the haze and a light drizzle, we had a record-breaking 108 participants at our Pasir Ris mangrove walk today! As usual, the mangroves did not disappoint and it was a great walk as the participants got to see many creatures such as the Buffy Fish owl, jellyfishes, monitor lizards, dog-faced water snakes and weaver ants at work.

Eager participants registering for the walk!

One of our guides, Becky, introducing herself to the group.

Next, we had Pei Yan telling her group about the Naked Hermit Crabs!
After splitting our participants into 7 groups, our guides gave a brief background on the history of the Naked Hermit Crabs and why we aim to protect our shores in danger. Soon after, the groups got to see weaver ants in action. This ants have an unique nest building behaviour where workers build nests by weaving leaves together using silk from the ant larvae.

Weaver ants working together to build a nest.

Sunday, August 30, 2015

So much to see at Chek Jawa Wetlands!

Our outing to Chek Jawa on 22 August was a fun and eventful one! We saw so many animals and had an encounter with a venomous sea snake. Lots of photos to share with everyone.

Truly, we say it again and again - Chek Jawa is ALIVE! If you have not visited Chek Jawa, come visit this gem of a nature place with the Naked Hermit Crabs. We run a monthly nature tour on the boardwalk as part of our educational outreach to fellow Singaporeans and residents, and the next one is on 12 September.

We hold our walks on the boardwalk. At Chek Jawa, there are 2 segments of the boardwalk - the mangrove boardwalk and the coastal boardwalk.

This is the outer mangrove segment where we always stop to watch the cute fiddler crabs.
Mangrove boardwalk

When the tide is low, it is wonderful to be on the coastal boardwalk because you can see so much up close. Well, next best thing to being on the mudflat itself.
Coastal boardwalk

Hey! What's that green animal? It's the Haddon's carpet anemone. This is a beautiful animal, roughly 60 to 70 cm in diameter. The green colour is due to microscopic algae growing in the anemone. The carpet anemone has a large oral disk on which are lots of tentacles that can sting and trap small animals that swim past it. We used to have a lot more carpet anemones at Chek Jawa, but the encouraging news is that we are slowly seeing more of them these days.
Haddon's carpet anemone

Sunday, August 23, 2015

5 Sep (Sat) evening: Free guided walk at the Pasir Ris mangroves

As we have getting many requests for a Pasir Ris mangrove walk, we have decided to do one in the month of September. And what better time is there to do the walk, then during the school holidays? Specially for kids and families, explore Pasir Ris mangroves with volunteer nature guides from the Naked Hermit Crabs on this FREE guided tour of the boardwalk! Sign up now on our online registration form! Don't miss the opportunity to see some wildlife in action!

Pasir Ris mangroves is conveniently located 10 minutes away from Pasir Ris MRT station. Bring your children down to enjoy nature during the weekend! There are many creatures look out for in the mangroves, such as mudskippers, tree-climbing crabs, herons and monitor lizards. Sometimes, you may even spot kingfishers and water snakes! It will certainly be an unforgettable experience with your friends and family!

An eager participant jotting down notes!
Not only kids learn on our walks! Adults learn a lot too.

Sunday, July 26, 2015

22 August (Sat) morning: Free guided walk at Chek Jawa Boardwalk

Hello! Registration for the free nature outing to Chek Jawa Boardwalk on 22nd August is now open. Join the Naked Hermit Crabs to check out the wildlife residing in the mangroves. Limited places are still available.

Click here for the online registration form.

We have been doing FREE nature trips to Chek Jawa Boardwalk for close to 8 years now. Each month, we bring small groups of visitors out on to introduce them to the plants and animals found in the mangroves and intertidal areas of Chek Jawa. All from the safety and convenience of the boardwalk. There is always plenty to see on these trips, such as wild boars, insects, lots and lots of crabs, spiders, snakes, fishes, perhaps a jellyfish or two in the sea, and not forgetting the birds in the forests and flying high above us. Who says there is no nature in Singapore! Come explore Chek Jawa with the Crabs!

Date: 22 August (Saturday)
Meeting time: 9:30 am
Meeting place: Chek Jawa Information Kiosk, Pulau Ubin
Duration of walk: Around 2 hours
Cost: Free (donations are accepted)

Click on this post to get more information about getting to Chek Jawa, what to bring, what to prepare for the outing.

Sunday, July 19, 2015

Fantastic day out at Chek Jawa Boardwalk

60 visitors - lots of families, kids, moms and pops, groups of friends - came out to explore Chek Jawa with the Crabs during our July walk. As always, we saw lots of interesting stuff and had a great time!

The tide was low enough for us to see the fiddler crabs on the sandy patch below the boardwalk. The kids love to see the male fiddler crabs wave their large claws. We told the kids that the female crabs are there too. Harder to spot, for sure! Some of the kids saw them and were able to describe the female crabs have equal sized claws and sandy colouring. Not bad, kids!

Fiddler crabs (Photo credit: Ian)
This is the location where you can see the fiddler crabs at the edge of the mangroves.

Way out on the sand bar, there were 2 Great-billed herons. The guides had their binoculars and shared them with the visitors. These are magnificent birds standing as tall as 1.1m. What are these birds doing out there on the sand bar? Hunting for fish in the incoming tide! Such resourceful creatures! We have seen these Great-billed herons many times.
Great-billed herons