Monday, December 3, 2012

Fishes and Jellyfishes at Chek Jawa in November

The Crabs are running the December walk at Chek Jawa next week, and I have not even posted the photos from November! Time to stop the procrastination!

So, here goes ..... We had about 35 visitors join us in November (10-Nov). They are mostly families and small groups of friends wanting to learn more about the mangroves in Chek Jawa.

We also had a group of 10 students from the School of Tourism Studies from Temasek Polytechnic join us. Their lecturer sent them to us with the request that we help to explain the biodiversity of plants and animals that still can be found in our natural places. We certainly hope we left some positive impression with them about natural places such as Chek Jawa. We wanted them to know that Singaporeans still care passionately about conservation issues despite the relentless development of our urban areas for economic growth.