Sunday, March 17, 2019

Our first time guiding over 300 participants at Berlayer Creek, Labrador Park!

The Naked Hermit Crabs had a blast at yesterday's Celebrating Singapore Shores' event at Berlayer Creek, Labrador Park. It was the first time the marine community got together to offer free activities for families to raise awareness about the wildlife found near our shores. We had over 300 participants sign up for our hourly walks. Over our 4 walk sessions, we saw a variety of wildlife. We saw birds such as the Ashy tailorbird, busy weaver ants and a family of otters. 

Photo by: Ley Kun

Photo by: Ley Kun

Photo by: Ley Kun

Photo by: Ley Kun

Photo by: Mohammad Juhari

Photo by: Mohammad Juhari 

Photo by: Mohammad Juhari 
Photo by: Liz Lim

Photo by: Mohammad Juhari

Our darkness fell, our participants of our last walk saw night critters such as the maritime gecko and a sleeping bronzeback snake.

Photo by: Ley Kun

Photo by: Ley Kun
Photo by: Ivan Kwan
Photo by: Ivan Kwan
Photo by: Ivan Kwan
We would like to thank everyone who attended the event and our guides, Ley Kun, Liz, Diana, Bee Bee, Wei De, GC Lim, Yeng, Michael, Gek Fong, Cheryl, Shi Yu, Che Cheng, Yian Hah, Sumita, Ivan and Wei Yuan! We hope to see you at our next walk on 14 April 2019 at Chek Jawa. For updates, please follow our Facebook page here.

Monday, March 11, 2019

16 Mar (Sat) - Take a walk on the wild side this school holidays!

The March school holidays will soon be here, and we have a new location to explore with you! We are holding a mangrove walk at Berlayar Creek, Labrador Park, on 16 March, Saturday.

To celebrate the closing of the International Year of the Reef, the marine community and Naked Hermit Crabs are organising activities and special guided walks at Labrador Park on 16 March, Saturday. This is a FREE nature walk on the mangrove boardwalk at Berlayar Creek. We are only doing this walk this year, so don't miss this opportunity! Check out this video to see what we saw yesterday at Berlayer Creek!

In addition, there will be more than 20 marine community groups offering an evening of fun. FREE activities. This mini festival is designed specially for kids and the family with games and prizes, nature walks and films.

Meeting Point: Meet the Naked Hermit Crabs at 4.30pm, 5.30pm, 6.30pm and 7.30pm outside Exit A (turn right) of Labrador Park MRT. Sign up HERE to reserve your places.

We will have nature guides who will bring you on a walk along the mangrove boardwalk at Berlayar Creek. We end our walk at Berlayar Shade (a big shelter and facilities) facing the sea where there will be many booths showcasing fun activities by the marine community.

See you at Berlayar Creek!

Saturday, March 2, 2019

10 Mar (Sun): Join us at Labrador Park to explore Berlayar Creek!

To celebrate World Wildlife Day (3 March), the Naked Hermit Crabs are specially organising a special walk at Labrador Park on 10 March, Sunday. This is a FREE nature walk on the mangrove boardwalk at Berlayar Creek, Labrador Park.

Sign up here.

Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Great day at Chek Jawa on a Saturday morning

We had a great day at Chek Jawa with about 20 visitors on 23 Feb 2019. So happy to meet with enthusiastic visitors. Very lovely people!

We saw lots of animals including monitor lizards, an Oriental Whip snake, fiddler crabs, tree-climbing crabs, wild boars and macaques. Strangely, we did not see mudskippers in the mangrove and at the coastal side too. Not sure why.

The sun was out, the sky was a beautiful blue, and lots of fresh air. It's a good day to be out enjoying some nature!

One of the kids in the group spotted a pair of needlefishes in the waters just after the beacon. The fishes are about 40 cm long. What a treat to be able to see theses fishes!

We saw lots of long-tail macaques before and after the walk. The guides took the opportunity to remind visitors not to feed the monkeys.

A shout-out with thanks to our volunteer guides - Sumita, Ria, Xiang Tian, LK and our intern, Francine, for guiding!

Also, check out the video that Ria made of the walk:

Do join us at our upcoming events in March:

10 March, 2019 (Sunday) - guided walk at Berlayar Creek by trainee guides

16 March, 2019 (Saturday), 4 to 8pm - a community event organised by Celebrating Singapore Shores. Come and meet the wonderful people who are involved in marine conservation and education in Singapore! No registration is needed.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

23 Feb (Sat) - Free guided walk at Chek Jawa Boardwalk

Join us our regular Chek Jawa Boardwalk outing on 23 February, Saturday. Come explore this very special and beautiful corner of Singapore mangroves with us. Just gather your family and friends, and have someone do the signup on behalf of the group. Best of all, this nature walk is free! Register on Eventbrite here.

Chek Jawa is rich in biodiversity, and with the help of our volunteer guides, you should be able to see lots of interesting plants and wildlife. Even though we are not going on to the shore, there is still much to see and enjoy. There are monitor lizards, fiddler crabs, spiders, rare plants, wild boar, mudskippers and lots of fruit trees. If we are lucky, we might even spot the Oriental Pied Hornbill, White-bellied Sea Eagle and the giant Atlas Moth.

Date: 23 February 2019 (Saturday)
Meeting place: Chek Jawa Information Kiosk, Pulau Ubin
Meeting time: 9:30 am
Duration of walk: 2 hours
Fees: No charge for now, but small donations are accepted
Sign up here.

For more information on what to expect at our Chek Jawa Boardwalk outings, and when preparing for your visit, please make sure you read our post specially written for you.

More photos in the next section.

Tuesday, February 12, 2019

Want to guide? Join our guiding workshop on 9 and 10 March!

Always wanted to be a nature guide? Want to be a better nature guide? This workshop is just for you! First timers and existing nature guides are welcomed.

Find out what makes a good nature guide (psst, not knowledge, as most people think!). Ria Tan of, shares easy tips on guiding effectively - mainly by connecting with your participants: from the grumpiest toddler to the scariest know-it-all. Facilitated by experienced guides from various Singapore nature groups, there'll be hands-on activities to brainstorm solutions to your deepest nature guiding worries. 

Then test your newfound approach and guide alongside the volunteers of the Naked Hermit Crabs ( for an actual tour of the Berlayar Creek Boardwalk - with real participants. Experienced volunteers will demonstrate and help you guide during this walk. More about Berlayar Creek Boardwalk

You can even have a chance to give back to the Naked Hermit Crabs by being a station guide for the "Celebrating Singapore Shores!" event on 16 March (Sat) at the same Berlayar Creek Boardwalk, organised by Celebrating Singapore Shores and Lepak in SG. Do note that participants are required to commit to being a station guide for this event if they attend the workshop. More details will be provided during the workshop.

Indoor classroom workshop
Date: 9 March (Sat)
Time: 2pm - 6pm
Venue: Singapore Sustainability Academy

Outdoor field session with the Naked Hermit Crabs
Date: 10 March (Sun)
Time: 4pm-6pm
Venue: Berlayar Creek Boardwalk (Meet at Labrador MRT station street level)

Celebrating Singapore Shores Event with the Naked Hermit Crabs
Date: 16 March (Sat)
Time: 4pm - 8pm
Venue: Berlayar Creek Boardwalk (more details provided at the workshop)
A confirmation email will be sent out after registration.

Hope to see you there!

Saturday, February 2, 2019

Happy World Wetlands Day!

Last Saturday's walk gave participants close wild encounters to several animal superstars in Pasir Ris Park and Mangroves. To prepare for our special World Wetlands Day walk (2 February), the guides decided to meet early to plan our route. While doing our recce, we were alerted by some bird photographers to the presence of the family of Spotted Wood Owls who frequent the park. We later shared this magical experience with the participants. Kids and adults alike were enthralled to see the family of owls and puke pellets which often contains rodent bones.
Spotted Wood Owl
(Photo by Jimmy Ng)
In the mangroves, we were lucky to encounter many different types of birds and some mangrove pit vipers! Under the supervision of one of our guides, our participants got to get close to one of the adult pit vipers in the mangrove who was resting on the boardwalk. This was a good opportunity for us to educate the importance of respecting nature from a distance and this allowed our participants to understand that snakes do not attack unless it is under self-defense. Mangrove pit vipers are highly venomous. However, no snake or person was harmed as co-existence just means that you respect each other's space, even if children are present. With the right guidance, we can all co-exist with our wild neighbours, regardless of whether they are scaly or furry.
Our scaly superstar, the mangrove pit viper who was
resting on the boardwalk all day and went unnoticed
our friend notified us of their presence. Participants got to go
close to the pit viper but nothing happened as there was
no touchingof the reptile by participants or guides.
(Photo by Peter Chua)

Another young mangrove pit viper
(Photo by Peter Chua)

A third mangrove pit viper who went unnoticed by
everyone except one guide
(Photo by Sumita)
To end the walk, a famous family of otters swam past the jetty and came onto land. This delighted our participants and other park-goers who were all capturing the scene with their phones and cameras. This was truly a perfect end to an unforgettable walk.

Otters making a special guest experience at the end of our walk!
(Video by E Lim)

We would like to thank all of our guides (Ria, Ley Kun, Xiang Tian, Becky, Liz and Sumita) for guiding our participants. To all our participants, we hope you had a wonderful day with your loved ones and we hope to see you at our next walk in February! Remember to follow our Facebook Page for updates on registration for our next walk at Chek Jawa.

A truly joyous occasion to commemorate World Wetlands Day!
(Photo by Ria Tan)