Saturday, September 29, 2018

14 Oct (Sun) - Free guided walk at Chek Jawa Boardwalk

Join us our regular Chek Jawa Boardwalk outing on 14 October, Sunday. Come explore this very special and beautiful corner of Singapore mangroves with us. Just gather your family and friends, and have someone do the signup on behalf of the group. Best of all, this nature walk is free! Register on Eventbrite here.

Chek Jawa is rich in biodiversity, and with the help of our volunteer guides, you should be able to see lots of interesting plants and wildlife. Even though we are not going on to the shore, there is still much to see and enjoy. There are monitor lizards, fiddler crabs, spiders, rare plants, wild boar, mudskippers and lots of fruit trees. If we are lucky, we might even spot the Oriental Pied Hornbill, White-bellied Sea Eagle and the giant Atlas Moth.

Date: 14 October 2018 (Sunday)
Meeting place: Chek Jawa Information Kiosk, Pulau Ubin
Meeting time: 9:30 am
Duration of walk: 2 hours
Fees: No charge for now, but small donations are accepted
Sign up here.

For more information on what to expect at our Chek Jawa Boardwalk outings, and when preparing for your visit, please make sure you read our post specially written for you.

More photos in the next section.

Monday, September 3, 2018

Owlsome day out at Pasir Ris Park!

We had the pleasure of having around 35 visitors join us for our walk at Pasir Ris Park!
A small part of the group! It was hard gathering everyone together when there were so many things to see!
Photo by Ria Tan
As part of the Pasir Ris Mangrove boardwalk was closed, we decided to take an alternative route through the park where we saw many amazing animals as well!

Visitors still got to see the Nypah Palm, one of our favourite plants in the Mangrove! The fruits give us our delicious Atap-chee.

Photo by Ria Tan

A sharp-eyed participant in the first group spotted a well- camouflaged Oriental Whip Snake! Thanks to Evan's heads up, all the groups were able to see this beautiful snake resting beside the boardwalk. Can you spot the snake in this picture?

Photo by Ria Tan
The snake is a brilliant green and was about 50cm long! Here's a close up shot thanks to Jonathan.
Photo by Jonathan Tan
After the groups finished exploring the back mangroves, we went to take a look at the Spotted Wood Owls that an advance team of Dayna and Yi He went ahead to find. 
Photo by Ria Tan
We saw both the male and the female Spotted Wood Owls, who looked as us sleepily from their spot in the Rain Trees.

Photo by Dayna Cheah
Right below the owls, we also found some pellets! Owls eat their prey whole as they do not have teeth, and will then regurgitate the bones and fur of their prey. Here are some photos of the pellets we found!
This could possibly be the skull and bones of a bat!
Photo by Sumita
We then stopped by a bridge overlooking Sungei Tampines, where we saw many monitor lizards either swimming or resting on the trees!
Photo by Ria Tan

We then went to the beach to explore! 
Photo by Ria Tan

We saw a whole that had been dug near the mangrove tree, damaging some of the roots. This could possibly be someone who was digging to get worms to use as bait for fishing.
Photo by Ria Tan
We then ended off the walk admiring the sunset on another bridge looking down Sungei Tampines.
Photo by Liz Lim
We saw many fishes and monitor lizards!
Photo by Ria Tan
Big thanks to the guides Ria, Sumita, Jonathan, Liz, Xiang Tian, Evan and Dayna for making this trip possible! Also thank you to Ria, Sumita, Jonathan, Liz and Dayna for their amazing photos.

Do look out for our next trip in October back at Chek Jawa!