Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Honorary Naked Hermit Crab: Prof Dan Rittschof

Dr Dan has kindly agreed to be an Honorary Naked Hermit Crab!

On behalf of the Naked ones, November presented Dr Dan with the Naked badge today!
Dr Dan is a wonderful and inspiring guru of the shores. He has been visiting Singapore regularly over the past few years. To introduce US students (and in the process, Singaporeans as well) to our shores and the rest of Singapore too!

And some of us have been involved with his trips even before we became Naked. Last year, we went with Dr Dan and his students to Sisters Island, and when he joined TeamSeagrass on Chek Jawa. His students also did a blog about their Sojourn to Singapore and MORE.
On Sisters Island: Dr Dan found an abandoned soup bowl to show us
the icky black sea cucumber ejecting its innards. Eeewww.

We are also deeply touched by Dr Dan's support for Chek Jawa. Dr Dan is one of the supervisors of Kok Sheng's Chek Jawa project and Dr Dan also visited separately in Aug 07 for this study of recovery on our favourite shore that suffered from mass death in early 2007.
On Chek Jawa: N. Sivasothi, Kok Sheng, and Dr Dan looking very professorial
in his Real Panama hat (from Panama).

Dr Dan is not only wise, but also generous with his wisdom. Helping us to better understand issues, and making shore work fun and meaningful. He has and continues to inspire many to take up biology, ecology and to volunteer of our wild places.

But most of all, Dr Dan is great fun to be with and we love him!

More links about Dr Dan
  • Dr Dan is Professor of Zoology, Duke University Marine Lab. Here's a wonderful write up about Dr Dan, and his homepage!
  • Dr Dan also started a blog called Dr Dan in Singapore but then couldn't update it anymore as he forgot his password. Alas! But before he stopped updating it, he did a great post on Will Chek Jawa rebound?.
  • During this year's visit, Dr Dan gave a great talk about the Joy of (Marine) Sex, specially for the volunteer shore guides.
  • Dr Stan, who was with the Duke team for this year's trip, has a great Singapore blog with lots of details of their adventures in Singapore.
And this is what Dr Dan shared on the Naked Hermit Crab guestbook for our Semakau walk today...

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