Sunday, March 30, 2008

Naked thoughts on Chek Jawa by OBS Part 2

The Naked Hermit Crabs were back on Chek Jawa to introduce the boardwalk to another group of enthusiastic Outward Bound Singapore trainers.Again, showing what a lively group photo should look like!

And what an inspiring interest they showed, particularly of Marcus' introductions. And everyone took copious notes!At the end of the trip, they shared some thoughts for the Naked Hermit Crab Guestbook. Here's some of these thoughts...

Nothing escaped these keen observers. Not even the latecomers who were foiled by the road closure this morning on the Changi coastal road.'Slacker' raptors that use the hot updrafts as escalators.

And complex interactions in a web.As well as the love situation among fiddlers.

Bats, durians and mangroves.Here's the big picture...Plus networks within the mangroves and inter-connections among the animals found there.Dreams of a crab.And the fantastic panoramas of Chek Jawa.All the entries are on the Naked Hermit Crab Guestbook on wildsingapore flickr.

Thank you OBS Team for coming for this introduction: Li San for arranging the walk, Kenny, Elgene, Raymond, Bibi, Steven, Chew Ling, Kiah Hong, Edwin and for making it finally to Chek Jawa: Zippy and Li Peng.

And to Marcus and Chay Hoon for being a part of the introductions.

More about the walk with OBS on the wildfilms blog.

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