Saturday, March 29, 2008

Naked thoughts on Chek Jawa by OBS

Today, we had the pleasure of sharing the boardwalk with an exuberant team of programme managers from Outward Bound Singapore.I am deeply impressed by how they have deftly turned the many encounters into learning points.

As well as making the flora and fauna fun and engaging.Especially if we look at sexy stuff...Even poo can be fun and interesting, especially if we interact with it!And to pass on important conservation messages that help ordinary people be more thoughtful about the impact of their lifestyle choices.Here's their full guestbook entries.
Thank you to the OBS team who came: Vivian and Lisan for organising the trip, and Serene, Thian Choon, Poh Kiaw, Lois, Steven and Jerry for making it such a lively trip.

And to Andy and Alvin for contributing to the sharing and climbing up the Jejawi Tower.

Here's more on other entries to the Naked Guestbook.

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