Saturday, March 29, 2008

An OBS morning at CJ with the NHC ! - 29 March 2008

We started off with a great kampung breakfast at Pak Ali's shop.

As soon as we got to CJ, Mr Ah Ha, our van driver took out his sickle blade showed us how raw rubber sap was obtained. Fresh raw rubber!

Next, we examine some civet cat poo-poo. Smells vaguely like steamed pau dough. Hmmm.

Was this what the civet cats ate? Ixora fruit.

The group had an Intro into the well which served the kampung and also the family graves from long ago. Ria kept us all captivated with a story of how spiders "do it". Further along , we found out about the mangroves and the 6 different ecosystems special to CJ. The trees flanking the boardwalk had different types of root systems and we also managed to see (and smell) the effects of oxygen-less decomposition of organic material.

Some other things we saw...
Fiddler crab...big is GOOD! and other 'useless' things were discussed receiving much laughter.


Horshoe Crab...

Strange prints at a mud-lobster mound. Otter? Civert Cat?

View from the top of Jejawi Tower....Can you see the remnants of the Vietnamese Boat?

View from the bottom...are these the crab-eating frog tadpoles?

Betel-nut anyone?...It'll make your teeth very red!

Oysters at the floating pontoon supports.

Tongkat's sooo long!

Someone spotted this huge congregation of bugs on some sea hibiscus leaves. That is a lot!

At House #1, penning some thoughts on the morning's learning!

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