Monday, April 28, 2008

Chek Jawa Boardwalk - April walk (27-4-08)

It's April but July's everywhere! (Sorry, July, for lame joke!)

Today is our Last Sunday of the Month walk, and the Crabs are out on Chek Jawa Boardwalk in the afternoon. A few of our visitors actually planned their trip with our scheduled walk, and it is nice to know that. In total we had about 30 visitors.

We're pleased too to see many overseas friends today – from Thailand (Land of Smiles!), Malaysia, Paris and Hong Kong. Welcome to Singapore and to Chek Jawa! It's amazing that they made their way to Chek Jawa given that most of them are actually holidaying in Singapore and are not residents.

The Crabs hope they have gone away with a different image of Singapore, that it is NOT all concrete and steel, but that it has a softer edge where life can be enjoyed at one's pleasure and where little animals like mudskippers, monitor lizards, tree-climbing crabs have a place in this land.

Here's Gaytri with visitors from Paris and Thailand.

And our Singaporean visitors enthusiastically drawing and penning their thoughts and impressions of Chek Jawa.

We have unfortuntely no photos to show our sightings of the Oriental Pied Hornbill along the boardwalk (spotted by Ivan's group). Ivan says it was first on the boardwalk, then flew to a nearby tree where everyone could see it well.

Those who stayed back to draw pictures on our guest book also witnessed a splendid aerial display by a pair of White-bellied Fish Eagles. One flew just above our heads and we could see its majestic wingspan and its characteristic white belly. [p/s - to our visitors today, if you have a photo of the hornbill or eagle, do email us at nakedhermitcrabsATgmailDOTcom]

It was indeed a beautiful outing in spite of the heat! Thanks to the crabs who came down today and made this walk possible - Ivan, July, Gaytri and LK.

And here's a photo of Rhinoceros Rock at the main jetty, spotted on our way home.

See you next time. Au revoir!

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