Sunday, April 13, 2008

Chek Jawa boardwalk with Outward Bound Singapore: Part 3

Bright and early, a bunch of Naked Hermit Crabs were off to Pulau Ubin to introduce the Chek Jawa Boardwalk to another enthusiastic bunch from Outward Bound Singapore.The mangosteen was blooming and fruiting!And we almost walked past the fallen flowers of the amazing Barringtonia racemosa!If it wasn't for the sharp eyes of our Outward Bound friends! This is a rare kind of Sea poison that was planted here, among the many other rare shore and coastal plants featured in the area near Chek Jawa.

We had a huge team of Naked ones to introduce the boardwalk today, so everyone got a turn at their favourite subjects.

Liana did a fabulous introduction of the mangroves.Marcus did all the icky stuff like spiders and barnacles.LK shared about the amazing mudlobster.November introduces the rocks and geology of Ubin.And Ivan introduces the story of civet cat poo-and-expensive coffee, which never fails to astound.At the end of the little introduction, everyone shared wonderful insights into our favourite shore.Wow, we're really impressed by what they've taken note of ...A map of everything we saw!With even these lovely botanical sketches!And thoughts about Chek Jawa, nature and conservation.And from our favourite participant: Hannah, aged 4.We also had a special guest with us, November's friend Cindy from the California. More guestbook entries in the Naked Guestbook.

Thank you everyone for coming! Gek Fong, Jacqueline, Tracy, Vincent, Vivian and Vivian, Michael and of course Li San for organising yet another exciting outing. And Hannah, our favourite participant!Thanks also to all the crabs who came: LK, Ivan, Liana, November and Marcus.

More about the trip on the wildfilms blog.

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