Monday, April 28, 2008

Drawings from visitors to Chek Jawa

Visitors to our walks have always been a wonderful source of inspiration and knowledge to us. To our visitors who joined us yesterday, it wouldn't do justice if we did not post some of your beautiful drawings and heartfelt words. I'll be honest with you... I was so tired last night and could not finish scanning the drawings. But here they are now... Enjoy!

Thank you! Chek Jawa is quite a magical place, isn't it? Glad you enjoyed the day out with Nature and celebrating Earth Day with us.

What an observant nature lover! You saw a SNAKE? Where? Lucky you! The guides say they did not see it.

Yeah ... we agree too. Chek Jawa is a wonderful refuge from the hectic Singapore city life. For many of us, we 'escape' to CJ a few times in a month.

What a cute Mudskipper! We had to show this one! Perhaps mudskippers need cool shades to protect their eyes from harmful UV rays!! :-)

To Claire and Boris from Paris.... have a great trip ahead. Come back and visit Chek Jawa if you're passing through our fair isle in years to come!

Our friends from Thailand are very knowledgeable about plant life. Thank you for sharing with us the story of how you extract the purple dye from the fruit of the Melastoma plant (Singapore Rhododendron or Melastoma malabathricum) and using it as a lipstick when you were kids.

Glad you had a wonderful day at Ubin yesterday! Come back and visit Ubin more often. The bicycle trails are wonderful, and bird-watching is great fun on Ubin.

Wow...! Words from the heart... Thank you, Ray! Although Nature does not have a voice, it does speak to our hearts. On our part, we have to speak up for Nature and help protect bio-diversity.


  1. hey, i'm fengzhi here :) i left a comment in the previous entry and had not received any response since. I have e-mailed you guys at about 2 days back regarding more enquiry about your cause. However i haven't heard from u too. i wonder if it's in the junk mail? i would really appreciate if u can help me with this. looking forward to hear from u soon!

  2. Hi I love animals rather I shud sae i am an animal lover and i gort your blog by watching the show on channel 5 that day. din have time to visit till now cos study study study.......well its pwetty obvious dhat i am still a schooling student rather p6 dhis year. so commented! bye bye

  3. erm you can visit my blog and tagg too!