Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Naked on TV this Sunday!

This Sunday 20 Apr, November and Ivan of the Naked Hermit Crabs will be featured on Eunice Olsen's talk show 'Rouge'. They will be talking about our amazing marine life, the work done by the many different groups and volunteers, as well as what each one of us can do to make a difference.

Here's the synopsis of the show on the mediacorp website

Can You Save The World?

What have you done to save the world?

This week on Rouge, we say "we can to saving the environment, helping the poor and the disabled. Join special guests from One Singapore, President and Class 95 deejay Vernetta Lopez and co-founder Micheal Switow as they share with us how to make poverty history.

Social entrepreneur Lois Ng tells us more about Studio You and Rouge joins the Naked Hermit Crabs in a search of some marine life along the shores of Singapore.

Rouge will broadcast on 20 Apr (Sun) Channel 5 at 10pm

This was posted on the Rouge website about the portion on the Crabs.

Episode 7: Can you save the world? (Telecast on 20 April 2008)

The world celebrates Earth Day on 22 April, and Rouge paid an early tribute to the event by featuring people who are making a difference to the world.

First up, the Naked Hermit Crabs, a group of nature lovers who spread their message of conservation and awareness by bringing people on guided walks along shores such as Chek Jawa’s.
Guests Ivan Kwan and November Tan spoke about the rich biodiversity of life in Singapore waters, especially along our Southern Shores.
The Rouge team paid a visit to Pulau Semakau with November, and contrary to popular belief that the island is a wasteland because of its function as a landfill, it is actually a haven to a rich variety of coral life and marine creatures.

Eunice was tickled by the fact that she shared something in common with a Giant Reef worm whose genus name was - Eunice! And to her surprise, she was conferred the status of Honorary Naked Hermit Crab!

To learn more about the Naked Hermit Crabs or to join one of their walks, check out their blogsite:

If you’re interested in taking part in a nature walk to Pulau Semakau, or other islands, log onto

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