Monday, May 26, 2008

Guestbook Entries for 25th May

Here's some of the wonderful guestbook entries made by our visitors yesterday. It's always so interesting to see what they have to say at the end of our walks!

Wow! This person really remembered quite a lot from the guided session!

To have a high chance of seeing starfish, you'll have to book a session with the NParks volunteers, who'll bring you off the boardwalk and onto the shore itself. =)

Another person, who has learned much from his experiences at Chek Jawa. Yes, atap chee comes from mangroves, specifically the fruit of the nipah palm!

Here's a drawing made by one of our young visitors. Aren't the fiddler crab and the mudskippers really cute?

I think this is supposed to be a drawing of me in action, pointing out the fabulous things that can be seen along the boardwalk. =D

A beautiful sketch of the boardwalk.

It's amazing to see the various artistic talents of our visitors. And it's really so encouraging that people are able to appreciate the beauty and value of places like Chek Jawa.

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