Wednesday, December 1, 2010

2011 - Free Chek Jawa Boardwalk trips on the 2nd Saturday of each month

Good news! The Crabs have decided to continue with the free Chek Jawa Boardwalk trips in 2011.

Looking back at the time when we started this project..... Our very first outing with registered guests was to visit the reef shore at Tanjong Rimau, Sentosa, on 5th June 2007, Environment Day. And our first Chek Jawa Boardwalk trip was on 9th September that same year. Time flies! We have done more than 3 years worth of monthly trips, bringing possibly more than 1000 people (we've lost count!) to Chek Jawa to appreciate the natural beauty of one of Singapore's wild coastal areas. We have also trained several new guides who now volunteer with us, and who are eager to share what they know of Chek Jawa with you.

Mark these dates. Write to us at if you wish to join us for a walk.

8-Jan (Sat)
12-Feb (Sat)
12-Mar (Sat) - school holidays
9-Apr (Sat)
14-May (Sat)
11-Jun (Sat) - school holidays
9-Jul (Sat)
13-Aug (Sat)
10-Sep (Sat) - school holidays
8-Oct (Sat)
12-Nov (Sat)
10-Dec (Sat) - school holidays

Meeting Time: 9:30 am
Meeting Place: Chek Jawa Information Kiosk, Pulau Ubin
Duration of walk: Approximately 2 hours
Cost: No charge still
Group size: small friends and family groups. Sorry, we do not do corporate groups nor events.

How to get to Chek Jawa?
1) Take the bumboat to the island of Pulau Ubin from Changi Village.
2) Once you arrive at Ubin, you can find a lot of island taxis (vans) near the jetty. Tell the taxi driver to take you to Chek Jawa.

Give yourself  45 minutes to travel from Changi Village to Chek Jawa.

More Information:
More about Chek Jawa and Pulau Ubin and how to get there andwhat to see and do on the wildsingapore website.

Images of Chek Jawa environs:

Jejawi Tower
Coastal Boardwalk
Mangrove Boardwalk
Oriental Pied Hornbill
Mud crab
Cotton Stainer Bugs

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