Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blogging for Nature with Web 2.0

The workshop arm of Naked Hermit Crabs held its 2nd ever workshop last Friday, 12 October 2007, at a computer lab in NIE/NTU courtesy of the NIE Green Club.

It was well attended by about 20 participants who spent 2 hours with various naked crabs sharing tools for sharing nature via the web 2.0 technologies while feasting on the food and drinks kindly provided by Vilma and Ria. (Thank you!)

This is part of a series of 2 workshops on Blogging for Nature, also known as Sharing Nature via Web 2.0. This workshop was targeted at advanced users who are already blogging to introduce them to a set of tools that would enable to reach a greater audience.

The workshop was structured such that different components are shared by different speakers who give diversity of presentation and ideas. Some of the slides are uploaded and shared on Google Documents. The components included:

1) Why blogs make a difference - Ria
2) What is web 2.0 - November

3) Photos and Flickr - Marcus
4) Youtube - Chay Hoon
5) Widgets - Ron
6) RSS and Google Reader - Ria

Social Network Tools
7) Twitter - November
8) Facebook - November

9) - Marcus
10) Stomp - Ivan

Collaboration Tools
11) Google Documents - November
12) Wikipedia - November

Unfortunately we were not able to talk about the importance of manual submission of information. Trawling for information to submit to Wildsingapore for further dissemination. Sadly we didn't have time for elaboration on the collaboration tools either. However, participants are invited to collaborate on a list of web resources covered during the workshop on Google Documents.

Luckily, we are planning for more of these workshops in the coming months. Next time hopefully we'll be able to cover everything by expanding this workshop further into 2 parts.

Coming up next week, "blockheads to blogheads" is a beginner class that will give participants a hands-on session on to how to start their own blog. All participants will leave the session with a blog!

Meanwhile for last friday's advance class, the mission for students is to commit to the Blog Action Day on 15 October 2007. It is a day where bloggers all over the world will be blogging for the environment in a show of solidarity and support! Register your blogs today. I look forward to reading each of the participant's blog post for the day and I've already got mine planned!

See more photos of the workshop here. July has also blogged about the workshop!

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