Sunday, April 20, 2008

Naked on Rouge TV!!

Crabs were featured tonight on Rouge, Channel 5 at 10pm with Eunice Olsen. It seems like just yesterday that the crabs were at Caldecott Hill for the recording.

Eunice asked all the hard questions; why are we called the Naked Hermit Crabs? How did we start? Why do we do what we do? Where in Singapore is all this marine life we speak of?! What can regular people do to make a difference?

The Rouge crew also braved squishy beautiful Pulau Semakau as they followed November and crabs out to the landfill to check out the amazing diversity there. Among the finds were the common sand star and the black and white polka dotted nudibranch (Jorunna). See the crew on Semakau!:

Youths excited at the critters they found.

November in her field garb with the film crew on Semakau.

The crew ever-enthusiastic even as the tide came in!

As Ivan and November pointed out on our gorgeous seashore life map our Southern islands and pretty northern shores, Eunice was amazed that such diversity could even be found in urban Singapore!

Eunice was suitably tickled as they conferred upon her, our honorary crab, the NHC badge ("give me back my home! Naked Hermit Crabs") -- which she proceeded to don for the rest of the show! AWESOME.

As they cheekily presented her with the Chek Jawa book by Dr. Chua, the page was opened at the iridescent reef biting worm, or more amusingly, the Eunice aphroditois worm (which nobody should put in their mouths by the way), beautiful in its glistening glory and powerful venomous bite. :D

Here's the gang on the set of Rouge (Eunice wearing the NHC badge!)

Thanks, Rouge, for this exciting opportunity! Don't forget to check out the upcoming NHC walks :D

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