Monday, June 30, 2008

29-June Chek Jawa - Our visitors say ...

One of the reasons why we do these walks month after month is often because we meet such genuinely nice people on these trips. Many of you are really generous with your encouragement, more than enough to keep us going for a long time still :-)

Ok.... here are some of your drawings and heartfelt words....

Many groups saw the civet cat poo along the mangrove boardwalk, and wished that we grew coffee on Pulau Ubin too. I was shocked too to find out it costs USD 50 for a 28g pack of Luwat coffee! (See earlier blog about the most expensive coffee in the world).

LK's group was nicknamed "5566". Here is the drawing by the "66" team. They were rather tickled by the barnacle story and the amazing claims of "Tongkat Ali".

And the other half, the "55" group are a happy bunch of friends. They are also quite clued in to conservation issues and were appreciative of the need to raise awareness of our natural heritage. They noticed that there was much litter at Chek Jawa and wondered if more could be done to keep the place litter-free.

Well, the Naked Hermits Crabs don't go naked. Sorry if you were expecting us to be. Haha! But we admit that we do like our name and want to use it to highlight the vulnerability of inter-tidal marine wildlife to the top predator in the food-chain - humans!

And we noticed that this couple from Ireland walked all the way in to Chek Jawa together with their friends. We saw you as we entered Chek Jawa in our van and were pleased to see you among the crowd of visitors after that. Hi - I'm sure you enjoyed the lovely forest trail walk. Well done!

Many of you were helping us to look out for the cotton stainer bugs. And some of you found them. Thanks for the drawing!

To all 40 of you who made that rather arduous journey to Chek Jawa (by van, on the bicycle, or on 2 legs), we say "Thank You" for being there. Come visit Chek Jawa again with your friends and families. I'm sure you can now do your own DIY trip.

This free nature walk was sponsored by Transitions Optical.

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