Monday, June 2, 2008

Chek Jawa Walk with Kids from BBCC, 1 June 2008

On the 1st of June (Sunday) at Chek Jawa, we together with members of the MAEC (Muslim Activities Executive Committee) and the YEC (Youth Executive Committee) from Bukit Batok Community Center worked together in a nature walk cum picnic for the kids and their family from the CC. And we were there to do what we did best, guiding the kids around Chek Jawa boardwalk. =)During the walk, the kids climbed up the 20m tall Jejawi Tower which was named after the Malayan Banyan (Ficus microcarpa), a fig tree, growing nearby that was as tall as the tower.
They also saw the tree climbing crabs,And mudskippers which had 'water tanks' in their gill chambers to help them to breathe away from water.For most of them, it was also a first time coming into 'contact' with the exposed roots of the mangrove treesWe were also really lucky to see one of the biggest moth in the world, the Altas moth. In fact, we saw a total of 5 of them around a small area!As the walk came to an end at our last station, House no. 1, and after our guestbook writing/drawing session, the groups proceeded to take group photos.

Here's LK with her white group.Chay Hoon with her lime green group.
The black group guided by Ivan.
Yellow group guided by Alyce.The olive green group guided by Haliah. And not forgetting to mention, Vyna with her blue group, which I forgot to take a group photo of them.

Here's a shot with the whole group in.
Thanks to LK, Ivan, Alyce, CH, Vyna and Haliah for coming down and also all others for making this trip a enjoyable and memorable walk for everyone! =)

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  1. we had fun. thankx..we are bless by the weather cos its freaking hot i can say. :)