Monday, May 7, 2007

Who are the Naked Hermit Crabs?

Who are we? The Naked Hermit Crabs are a motley bunch of volunteer guides who also guide at Singapore's other shores. We have come together to share our other shores through public walks. Especially those shores which are in danger.

Since 2007, we have been conducting free monthly guided walks specially for families and kids at Chek Jawa and Pasir Ris.

Why hermit crabs?
Hermit crabs are still commonly seen on many of Singapore's shores. From tiny hairy ones to those as large as a hand in bright colours, hermit crabs are all over the shore at low tide. The volunteers too come in a wide variety. And we are also most happy scrambling about the sea shore at low tide!

Why are we naked?
Do you know that for every shell you collect from the shore, you can be depriving a hermit crab of a home?

Unlike the crabs we eat which have a hard shell over their entire bodies, hermit crabs have a long soft abdomen. Only the front part of the hermit crab's body is protected by a hard shell. To protect its soft butt, a hermit crab needs to tuck it into an empty snail shell.

Without the shell, the hermit crab will be naked and vulnerable – an easy meal for predators.

Like hermit crabs without shells, our wild shores will be fragile too if there are no nature lovers to protect them.

And thus, to ensure our wild shores have a good supply of protective "shells", we have decided to come together to conduct nature walks to spread the passion for our wild shores.

This non-denominational group of volunteers call themselves the Naked Hermit Crabs to remind everyone how fragile our shores are.

"Give me back my home!" is the plea of the Naked Hermit Crabs.


  1. great you made us think 'naked hermit crabs are a species

  2. A new species? We are one-of-a-kind! Join us in our walks, if you have not done so already ;-)

  3. Hope we got you thinking too .... why we are called 'Naked' !

  4. you really had me thinking you were some spices of hermit carbs. And questin do hermit crabs stop growing or do they conitnue to grow out of shells untill they die? What your doing is great keep up the good work and where is the island loacted?

  5. Hi. Do you allow visitors to walk on the shores on your tours, as my peers and I are planning to embark on a scientific research project on Chek Jawa, and test their biotic and abiotic factors that make Chek Jawa so rich in marine Biodiversity.

  6. @Xavier - you must be referring to the shore walks organised by NParks. Unfortunately, our walks are restricted to the boardwalk, so do check with NParks for your project.