Monday, September 24, 2007

CJ with the Scouts

It was raining cats and dogs when I woke up last Sunday morning, and there were flashes of lightning accompanied by deafening thunder.

Could we really be so unlucky, I was wondering.

It had been hot and dry for the past few days, and just when we need the sun to conduct a guided walk at Chek Jawa Boardwalk, it started raining!

Even as I left home, it was still drizzling! But luckily, by the time my bus reached Changi, the rain clouds cleared and it was all sunny :)

We had a group of scouts with us last Sunday, on a special request by Sijie, who is also a Naked Hermit Crab.

We started our walk by cutting through the coastal hill forest, which has many interesting plants and insects.

At the end of the forest trail was the 600m long coastal boardwalk. While the boardwalk looked like it's made from wood, it's actually made from concrete and glass fibre! Along the way, we could see oysters, drills and barnacles on the rocks, and swimming crabs and schools of fishes in the water.

After the coastal boardwalk, we have the 500m long mangrove boardwalk. Here's where you can see interesting mangrove trees, fiddler crabs, monitor lizards, mudskippers and more!

And at the end of the mangrove boardwalk, we have the 20m tall Jejawi Tower. Here's another group led by Chay Hoon viewed on top of the tower!

After the walk, we gathered at House No. 1 for a quick debrief and also to get the participants to write and draw in our guest book.

Many of them used the cute cartoons drawn by Chay Hoon as a reference for their guestbook entries!

Here are some of the guestbook entries drawn by our visiors:

And here's a group shot of the entire gang who participated in the walk!

Thanks to the scouts for such wonderful visitors, and thanks to Wilson and Chay Hoon for contributing their photos!

Also, a BIG THANK YOU to Ria, Chay Hoon and Sijie from NHC, and Grace and Ken from Green Volunteers Network for helping with the guiding! :)

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