Sunday, October 15, 2017

An otterly fun time at Chek Jawa!

We are happy to have had 38 visitors join us at Chek Jawa today!
Bright happy faces as we began today's walk!
Photo credit: Ria Tan
After quickly splitting into three groups, we set off to discover what Chek Jawa had in store for us!

The Nipah Palm provided us some much needed shade on this very hot morning. But that's not all to this plant! Its fruits can also be made into Atapchee, the topping we usually eat with our ice kachang on a hot day as well. Visitors were very intrigued by the unique shape of the fruit!
Joy pointing out the Nipah Palm to us!
Photo credit: Ria Tan
In the mangrove, some groups also saw juvenile water monitor lizards that were basking in the sun. One participant even caught a glimpse of a thin black snake before it disappeared under the boardwalk!

Out at the coast, the tide was very high. All the mudskippers were up and about to greet the visitors!

Some gold-spotted mudskippers having a little 'conference'!
One group even managed to see otters off the coast! The otters were very shy and kept a distance from the visitors, but it was still a treat to have been able to see these elusive creatures.

A video of the otters at Chek Jawa
Video credit: Ria Tan

Some visitors even spotted a mangrove whipray! Other groups also managed to see huge sea bass as well as some gar fishes. It's always fascinating to visit Chek Jawa at high tide as we can see so many of these unique animals!

It was a lovely day out on the boardwalk.
Photo credit: Ria Tan
On our way back, some Red Junglefowl also made an appearance right in front of the Red Junglefowl sign! What a helpful bunch!
The walk ended off with a drawing session for the children. We saw beautiful pictures of crabs, starfish and even snakes as well!

Here are the passionate artists!
Photo credit: Ria Tan
We are also very glad to have had students from the College of Alice and Peter Tan join us for this walk! They were interested to know more about what Naked Hermit Crabs do. Our guides shared with them our experiences over the years.

Ley Kun talking to the students!
Photo credit: Ria Tan
As we were heading out, we also saw a whole family of wild boars! There had been about 11 piglets up and about, with three mothers. So cute!

Little wild boar piglets at Chek Jawa
Video credit: Ria Tan
We should also ensure that we do not leave our food and drinks unattended to prevent any unpleasant encounters with these animals! Feeding of the wild boars and monkeys also disrupts their natural behaviour and make them more aggressive as well.
Wild boars near the bicycles!
Video credit: Ria Tan
A big thank you to our volunteer guides for today - Ria, Ley Kun, Pei Yan and Dayna for their help in conducting the walk. Thank you to Ria for the amazing videos and photos from today's walk as well! Last but not least, thank you to all the visitors who had joined us today. It was a great pleasure to have you with us!

If you would like to see more photos from the walk, you can check out Ria's Flickr album. You can also visit Ria's website for her post about this walk as well!

Our next walk will be coming in November, so do keep a lookout! Do like our Facebook page at and share about us with your friends! We hope to see you soon!
Thanks to Doreen Foo for sharing these awesome photos of her walk with Pei Yan!

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