Sunday, March 25, 2018

An awe-sss-ome day out at Pasir Ris Mangrove!

We are delighted to have about 45 visitors join us for our walk at Pasir Ris Mangrove!
It was a cool evening stroll through the mangroves with our lovely participants.

Photo by Sumita

Photo by Ria
Photo by Ria
The tide was quite high today, and thanks to the eagle-eyed visitors, we saw many interesting creatures, including a praying mantis moult, kingfishers and mating horseshoe crabs! We even saw a total of 4 snakes on this walk!

Further down the boardwalk, Sumita spotted a sleepy shore pit viper! As nocturnal predators, they are usually found motionless on a branch or near the roots of a tree in the day. This snake is highly venomous, so if you do encounter this snake, do not approach it and just admire it from a distance!

Another participant spotted a second shore pit viper, but this was a baby one!

With the high tide, Dog-faced water snakes move into the mangroves to hunt for their prey. We saw two of them swimming around and poking their heads into holes to try and find crabs or fish!

We also saw many giant mudskippers swimming about in the high tide. One group even saw one mudskipper chasing another mudskipper out of its territory!

One group was also blessed to see a mating pair of horseshoe crabs! Here's a great video taken by Ria:

With a fresh batch of brochures right off the print, visitors could look at the fascinating creatures that we can find on our shores! Here are some happy visitors looking at the pamphlets.

Photo by Ria

Photo by Ria

A big thank you to Liz, Javen, Jeremy, Ria, Sumita and Dayna for being our guides for the day! Here are some of our guides in action.

Photo by Ria
If you couldn't make it for our walk this time, fear not! Keep a look out for our next walk on our Facebook page at and share about us with you friends! We hope to see you soon!

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