Monday, May 28, 2012

The Crabs at the Festival of Biodiversity (26-27 May)

The Naked Hermit Crabs were busy at the Marine Exhibition during the Festival of Biodiversity last weekend.
We are fortunate to have Pei Yan to share about our marine life with the President, who graced the event.

Pei Yan manned the station of live sea stars and other marine critters for two straight days! It was a very popular stop especially for the kids! A great opportunity to tell everyone to come see the shores for themselves. Join our walks or the many other seashore activities in Singapore!
The littlest visitors are the cutest. This little one is taking photos with her toy phone!
Sankar was another marathoner, sharing about our seagrasses with everyone including the President. With a tank of live seagrasses and marine creatures collected a few days earlier from Chek Jawa and Cyrene Reef.
Chay Hoon shared with the President these bits of dead animals that ordinary people can find on a shore can tell us so much. The station is called Seashore CSI: What died? Who killed it?
Photo by Debby Ng.
Chay Hoon also did an awesome marine colouring sheet which was a big hit! The kids not only learn more about our marine life, but also some of the threats to it. Shao Wei is pointing out how some of the pictures don't belong in the sea. Like the plastic bag that looks like a jellyfish and is often mistakenly eaten by sea turtles who may then get sick and die.
Ivan was also at the Festival, here sharing at the Hantu Bloggers' intriguing food chain puzzle. He also gave a very successful talk about the gruesome Monday Morgue.
Marcus tells fascinating stories! And enthralls the kids at the Seashore CSI booth.
As you can tell, many of the Crabs are also volunteers with other marine groups. Indeed, the Marine Exhibition was manned by volunteers from these marine groups! Together, we do lots of walks and other activities to explore, document and protect our shores. Check them out!
Blue Water Volunteers
Hantu Bloggers
International Coastal Cleanup Singapore
Mangrove Action Squad
Mega Marine Survey
Naked Hermit Crabs
The Leaf Monkey Workshop

To end this post, here's Pei Yan (right) with Mama Hermit Crab Ley Kun (middle) and Siti who leads TeamSeagrass. Our happy fuzzy marine mascots add to the festive spirit!
Pei Yan also blogged about the Festival!

More about the Marine Exhibition and the volunteers behind the effort on the wild shores of singapore blog.

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