Sunday, August 10, 2008

Naked at Reef Celebrations!

The Naked Hermit Crabs had a fabulous time at Reef Celebrations!Together with the Star Trackers (Sijie and Chee Kong), the Crabs ran the Adopt a Star booth. Here is November sharing about the special Knobbly sea stars of Cyrene.And Vyna with all the 100 stars of Cyrene that are up for adoption.And a pair of young adopters with their selected Star!Jun shows the Patrick to Patrick!At the end of the day, November is pleased to share that 25 out of the 100 stars have been adopted!

And the Naked Hermit Crabs are among the groups to adopt a star!Here we are with 'nudistarre' our very own Knobbly sea star on Cyrene Reef! This pretty star has no knobs on its arms!!
LK, meanwhile, is managing the Celebration Guestbook, encouraging visitors to share their thoughts about our reefs.

The Celebration Guestbook is a puzzle mainly so that we could scan in everyone's comments later. And they're now online at the Singapore Celebrates our Reefs blog!

And here is Marcus in front of the assembled Guestbook, working hard at photographing all the goings on today.
YC was the MC for the talks and also brought his MP3 player to provide background music! Something we totally forgot about! Thanks YC.
But the hottest station of the day was the colouring station, manned by lots of Crabs including Sam (with the funky hat) and Kenerf, here next to LK. Here's LK with a young visitor and his masterpiece.
November and her niece and nephew working on theirs.And our vote for the most dedicated colourist is this young artist, who did such a fabulous job!Here's one where the going got a little hard towards the end?And a fabulous one with all the animals labeled!
Marcus takes a photo of nearly every child at work.In fact, the artists are a hot favourite with the photographers!

The wonderful drawings of marine life and nudibranchs drawn specially for IYOR by Chay Hoon are simply irresistable.Even the volunteers HAVE to have a hand at some.Here are the artists with their handiwork.

What a FANTASTIC time we all had at Reef Celebrations!

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